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Jacob Canfield is recognized for his expertise in trading and his entrepreneurial acumen, with a rich background as an Army veteran and a record of successful business ventures across various sectors.

Military Expertise and Trading Journey

Canfield’s foray into the realm of counterintelligence and cryptography began with a commendable six-year service in the U.S. Army, which included a significant stint in Iraq from 2003 to 2005. His early exposure to trading emerged at age 16, when he started learning stock market trading with an initial investment from his grandmother. This initial experience laid the groundwork for his later endeavors in forex, options, commodities, and eventually, cryptocurrencies.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

As a serial entrepreneur, Canfield has co-founded over seven companies in less than a decade, an impressive feat given the self-funded nature of these startups. His entrepreneurial portfolio boasts diversity, spanning mobile app development, healthcare, e-commerce, and private investment educationโ€”all turning profitable within their inaugural year.

A Pivot to Crypto

Shifting focus in 2016, Canfield immersed himself in the blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape. He combines trend forecasting, advanced technical analysis, and a keen grasp on technology adoption cycles to inform his strategies. This approach aids in navigating the movements of various market participants, from smart money to retail traders and investors.

Building a Crypto Trading Community

In the thriving sector of cryptocurrency trading, Canfield’s notable contribution includes co-founding Signal Profits, a leading crypto trading platform and community. His insights and predictions have garnered widespread attention, leading to nominations and accolades at prominent industry events such as Consensys in New York City and the Crypto Influence Summit, where he took home the “Best Live Stream” award in 2018.

Jacob Canfield remains a prominent figure in the crypto world, leveraging his multifaceted expertise to trade, invest, and provide guidance within this dynamic industry.


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Jacob Canfield Previous Work

  • Simple Truth Chiropractic CEO 2012-2017
  • Grand Apps Co-Founder Jan 2011 - Jun 2021
  • Signal Profits Managing Partner Jan 2022 - Present

Jacob Canfield Education

  • Life University, Doctor of Chiropractic, 2006-2010
  • Western Michigan University, B.S., Biomedical Sciences, 2002-2006

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