What is WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council?

WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council is a collaborative group of companies, universities, and government agencies dedicated to making the Cascadia region a global hub for blockchain development.

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WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council Details

WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council Services
  • WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council. The WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council is helping blockchain companies from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC reach their full potential. We serve as subject matter experts and a collective voice to better advocate for constructive public policy, educating key stakeholders, especially investors.

Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) is a trade association unifying the voice of the technology community in Washington state.


  • Apprenti Program. Apprenti provides a pipeline for minorities, women and veterans to gain training, certification and placement within the tech industry.
  • HR Benefits. Access high-value insurance and 401(k) benefits for your employees and get administrative relief with the WTIA suite of HR Benefits.
  • Ion Program. Ion is a collaboration incubator that brings together tech, government and nonprofits to tackle community challenges.
  • Membership. WTIA offers a wide range of benefits to tech companies and the people who make them great.
  • Events. You can connect through WTIA: peers, partners, investors, you name it, find a forum that suits your needs.
  • Public Policy. We amplify your voice and make sure the industry needs get taken seriously so you can do what you do best.

WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council Members

WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council Steering Committee

Michael Schutzler
Michael Schutzler


Dr. Joseph Williams
Dr. Joseph Williams

ICT Sector Lead, WA Dept of Commerce

Lawrence Lerner +

President of Consulting, Dragonchain

Robert Mao +

Founder and CEO of ArcBlock, Inc

Joe Cutler
Joe Cutler

Partner, Perkins Coie

Jesse Adams
Jesse Adams

CEO, Tenta Browser

John deVadoss +

Head of Development at NEO

Jesse Proudman +

Founder, Strix Leviathan

Pamela Dingle
Pamela Dingle

Director, Identity Standards, Microsoft

Chris Spanton
Chris Spanton

Sr. Architect – Blockchain, T-Mobile