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Monero Upgrade Successful: Improved ASIC Resistance, Security, and Privacy

Monero successfully completed a scheduled protocol upgrade (hard fork) on Mar. 9th. The upgrade includes tweaks to the PoW algorithm for better ASIC-resistance, changes to mitigate big bang attacks, and increased transaction homogeneity to further improve privacy. Monero, one...

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Stablecoin Classifications, Regulations, and Tax Implications from a Certified Public Accountant

Stablecoins are the latest innovation to emerge over the past year and have the potential to revolutionize not only virtual currency markets but to also become a new mechanism for worldwide commerce. Will stablecoins become the mechanism for stability...

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An Era of Centralized Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains: Binance’s DEX and JPM Coin

The launch of Binance’s decentralized exchange and JP Morgan’s proprietary cryptocurrency, JPM Coin, have raised fundamental questions about where the crypto industry is headed. Both products fall short of traditional definitions of decentralization, and instead, stake territory somewhere between...

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Decred Founder Proposes Building DEX as Alternative to Binance [Interview]

Decred founder Jacob Yocom-Piatt recently proposed a decentralized exchange (DEX) to the Politeia community. The initiative hopes to cut high-listing fees, front-running high-frequency traders, and third-party rent-seeking. A product that could overcome these barriers would be an ideal alternative...

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