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Congressmen Introduce Bill to Change Securities Definition to Exclude Cryptocurrency

Two congressmen are introducing a bill that would exclude digital currencies from securities classification and substantially improve the tax treatment for cryptocurrencies. The new definition could benefit current cryptocurrency projects—such as Ripple’s XRP—and allow for ICOs and STOs to...

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New Legal Framework in Switzerland Gives Boost to Blockchain

The Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) announced the Federal Council’s adoption of a recent report—Legal Framework for Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain in Switzerland—and expressed their intent to assist in developing laws for new technologies, specifically distributed...

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Facebook’s Bet on Blockchain—Four More Job Postings

Facebook is filling positions for four different blockchain engineering roles. The announcement comes after David Marcus—former head of Messenger, and the previous president of PayPal—was selected to become ‘Director of Engineering, Blockchain.’ Facebook is continuing its plan of “studying...

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