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Sign of Bear Market: “Blockchain” Takes Over “Crypto” on Google Trends

On Google Trends, the keyword “blockchain” has surpassed “crypto” in popularity in recent months, suggesting that the demand for the asset class has dropped in comparison to the underlying technology. Throughout the past eleven months, since January, the cryptocurrency...

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The Architect of Malta’s ‘Blockchain Island’ Initiative Says Fourth Blockchain Bill Will Foster Innovation

Prominent blockchain strategist and advisor Steve Tendon has spent years trying to close the gap between regulators and developers in the blockchain space. More recently, he has taken on a more direct role as the first Chairman of the...

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Report: “Full Quarter” of Affluent Millenials Hold Cryptocurrency, 75 Percent Believe Another Financial Crisis Due Soon

American public relations giant Edelman believes a “full quarter” of millennials hold and transact using cryptocurrencies, as per recent research concluded in October 2018. Rising Interest in Cryptocurrencies According to the Millennials with Money report, the survey recorded responses from...

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Early-Access Launch of USD-Pegged Cryptocurrency StableUSD Announced by Stably

Stably, a venture capital-backed startup seeking to bring stability to the cryptocurrency market is launching an early-access sale of a price-stable cryptocurrency that is pegged and fully backed 1:1 by the U.S. dollar, the StableUSD (USDS) stablecoin, the company...

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