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Ethereum, EOS DApp Daily Active Users (DAU) Hits ‘All-Time High’

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, Ethereum and EOS dApp users reached an all-time high of 65,000 daily active users, according to data from DappRadar.

Gambling dApps High on the List

According to Twitter user and avid crypto-watcher Kevin Rooke, most of those users were active on dApps listed in the high risk or gambling categories. Rooke said in his post on Twitter regarding the trend:

Indeed, the very top spot on the list of ETH dApps was taken by 333ETH, a high-risk investment app that claims investments made using it are “guaranteed by the Ethereum blockchain” and promises returns of 3.33 percent per day. The app saw an over 20 percent boost in activity over the past 24 hours, with 2,233 active users.

Three out of five of the top EOS dApps were in the gambling category, with some seeing an over 1,000 percent bump in user activity in the past day. The EOS dApp BetDice moved over 4 million ETH in the past 24 hours, according to the listings.

Gaming dApps on the Decline?

Rooke also noted that the popular gaming dApp CryptoKitties, number nine on the list of most popular ETH dApps in the last 24 hours, reached 10,000 users on its own shortly after it was launched. According to DappRadar, CryptoKitties peaked at over 14,000 users last year.

CryptoKitties all-time user data, courtesy of dappradar.com.
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Gaming dApps took three of the top ten ETH dApp spots, and the rest were occupied by high-risk dApps, gambling dApps, and exchanges. Only one gaming dApp made the top ten EOS dApps, with the rest of the slots occupied by dApps categorized as gambling, other, or exchanges.

Almost a month ago, CryptoSlate released a report of the top five ETH dApps by active daily users, and the list has changed quite a bit since then. 333ETH was still there, at number two, but only one gaming dApp remains in the top five today as opposed to three in September.

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