DNN’s token economy is structured in a way which encourages holding and usage of the DNN token. Each action, which includes the writing, funding writer topics, and reviewing of an article will be made possible by these tokens and linked to the blockchain. DNN’s system works to incentivize writers and reviewers, in a self-sustaining and autonomous environment that leaves no room for corporate or individual bias. Reviewers bid DNN tokens to review articles with the possibility of losing or gaining more, depending on the correctness of their review.

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Decentralized News Network Details

Team Location Glacis Road, Gibraltar
First Announced May 16, 2017

Decentralized News Network Technical Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)

DNN Network & Signals

Powered by

ICO Details

Status | Crowdsale Ended
Whitelist Registration
KYC Required
ICO Start Date Jul 25, 2018
ICO End Date Aug 22, 2018
Hard Cap 35,000 ETH
Contribution Size Min: 0.001 ETH
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 DNN
Investor Supply 400,000,000 DNN
ICO Conversion

1 ETH = 3000 DNN

Bonus Structure

First 15% of funding goal:
20% (1 ETH = 3600 DNN)
16% to 43% of funding goal:
15% (1 ETH = 3450 DNN)
44% to 100% of funding goal
10% (1 ETH = 3300 DNN)

Supply Distribution

10% Founders - Vested over 10 months
11% DNN Holding - Holding to be injected over time into platform
40% Public sale*
20% Presale
4% Writer Accounts - Used to seed early adopter accounts (e.g. journalists)
1% Bounty Program
14% Advisory
*Unsold tokens will be transferred to DNN Holding and issued back into platform proportional to increased activity.

Decentralized News Network Team

Samit Singh
Samit Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

Dondrey Taylor
Dondrey Taylor

Co-Founder & CTO

Mališa Pušonja
Mališa Pušonja

Project Manager

Andrej Cvoro
Andrej Cvoro

Solidity Developer

Uros Radovanovic
Uros Radovanovic

Solidity Developer