Several “Blockchain + Smart Hardware” products of CyberVein will be launched soon

Several “Blockchain + Smart Hardware” products of CyberVein will be launched soon

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Projects with implemented applications are at the center of the blockchain industry

Blockchain, as an emerging technology capable of independent innovation, independent revolution, and independent breakthroughs, is one of the alternative paths for many country’s technology industry to achieve faster development. In recent years, innovations in industrial models driven by the development of blockchain technology have continued to emerge, and some high-quality blockchain technology applications have emerged.

Currently, in the world, China’s blockchain projects have the most implemented applications and the most abundant scenarios. According to incomplete statistics, China’s blockchain projects have successfully implemented nearly 40 application scenarios, mainly in the fields of people’s livelihood, urban services, finance, and health. The ecological implementation scenarios of the CyberVein account for a quarter of China’s implemented scenarios, including law enforcement, medical, finance, entertainment, aquatic products, insurance, and other fields.

The construction of CyberVein’s ecosystem has entered the product stage, which is better than 90% of the blockchain projects

This year, the CyberVein public chain has achieved fruitful results in the deployment of business application scenarios, and is also committed to the promotion of product implementation. The improvement and creation of the entire ecosystem has entered the next stage and applied for related technology patents to allow more people to enjoy the good life brought about by technology. CyberVein has recently made remarkable achievements in the construction of intelligent hardware and IoT ecosystems. It has used federated learning encryption technology and IoT sensing technology in the development and production of a number of “blockchain + smart home” products. The main blockchain products are as follows:

1. Smart Life Series – Automated Home

Main functions: Convenient and simple, energy-saving, equipment interconnection + IoT + intelligent connection, allowing home-related facilities to be integrated.

Product features: Set designated passwords, perform language control or mobile phone operations, and adjust functions at any time according to user habits; at the same time, install smart wireless switches without conversion to achieve full intelligence for the whole family’s lighting, curtains, air conditioning, access control, and electrical equipment control.

Working principle: Utilizing the Internet of Things sensing technology and the environment-sensing network, the intelligent automatic control system is continuously optimized during usage, and the information interaction between “things and things, people and things” is realized, and connect the data to the cloud network.

Product preview

2. Intelligent monitoring series – health and safety system

Main function: Comprehensive real-time monitoring, remote intelligent linkage of multiple devices.

Product features: monitor anytime and anywhere, grasp the family health status within your hands. Faster response time, and perform health analysis and related timely operations according to the monitoring report, which can provide the latest real-time data very conveniently and protect the family health environment.

Working principle: The system adopts the Internet of Things technology, so that users can control the work of the intelligent system via mobile phone or PC anytime and anywhere. Integrated artificial intelligence technology, and analyzes the historical data of tests, and issue relevant test reports.

Product preview

3. High-tech entertainment series – a product with multiple functions

Main function: A product has multiple entertainment functions and can call network media resources for built-in function upgrades.

Product features: Convenient operation, language control or mobile phone operation, switch functions at any time according to user habits. Various functions are added to the system but have independent operating space. Users can install software, games, navigation, and other programs provided by third-party service providers.

How it works: IoT technology and artificial intelligence technology are also used to support product functions.

Product preview

Focus on the characteristics of the blockchain itself and innovate product functions

As mentioned above, users can upload their own data to the blockchain distributed storage system, and after the permission is activated, they can use the federated learning encryption technology to perform data modeling, thereby obtaining corresponding data rewards. Among them, it also strictly follows the blockchain logic, so that everyone can have value-added space while owning blockchain products. At the same time, all behavioral data is strictly protected through blockchain technology, and the rights and value of user data belong to the user and will never be maliciously interfered.

CyberVein promotes “Internet of Value + Internet of Things + Internet of Intelligence”

Nowadays, implementations blockchain scenarios have begun to scale, and the ecological infrastructure of the CyberVein has moved from the deployment of business node to the deployment of consumer node. The first batch of 80,000 multi-mode and multi-functional combinations will be launched next month.

“Blockchain + Smart Home” products, take people’s life as the entry point, establish the information foundation of “Internet of Value + Internet of Things + Internet of Intelligence”. Using “blockchain products” as the medium, it provides a decentralized point-to-point transparent and reliable value transmission protocol, so that more people can experience the “visible, tangible, and useful” blockchain products.

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