New Exodus Wallet browser extension includes ‘unlimited access’ to Solana New Exodus Wallet browser extension includes ‘unlimited access’ to Solana

New Exodus Wallet browser extension includes ‘unlimited access’ to Solana

Exodus' new "multi-chain crypto browser" extension opens up Web3 and DeFi to its users.

New Exodus Wallet browser extension includes ‘unlimited access’ to Solana

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Exodus has announced a new multi-chain crypto browser extension. Users can now “easily explore and navigate the world of DeFi” through their Chrome and Brave browsers.

Typically, browser extensions cater to a single ecosystem. However, in the case of MetaMask, minor changes in the settings allow the wallet to be used with multiple chains, such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

However, Exodus said its new browser extension will be compatible with multiple chains, starting with Solana at launch. The firm is working on introducing Ethereum next, and other “popular” blockchains are coming soon, with Algorand mentioned.

“Exodusโ€™ foray into Web3 begins with unlimited access to the Solana networkโ€™s world of DeFi and Web3 applications, but will soon be followed by support for the Ethereum network and other popular smart contract blockchains.”

Why did Exodus choose to launch with Solana?

On launching with Solana and not Ethereum, Exodus said it came down to useability. Expanding further, the firm said Ethereum’s high cost of entry and unpredictable gas fees can be prohibitive to the average user playing with smaller sums.

“Unlike Ethereum, Solana can scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second at a cost so small that you would have to send thousands of transactions to even spend $1 in fees.”

For that reason, it made sense to launch with Solana first. However, as mentioned, the team is working on rolling out Ethereum and other chains.

The browser extension enables users to:

  • Buy, sell, and swap crypto directly in the extension
  • Mint, trade, and view your NFT collection
  • Browse & pin your favorite Web3 projects in the extension dashboard
  • Stake Solana
  • Track balances over time
  • Navigate in a simple and easy to use interface
  • Buy crypto at low rates with a credit/debit card or bank account
  • Find the help you need with Exodus’ world-class customer support

Do users want to sacrifice convenience for safety?

Although crypto wallet extensions are not inherently unsafe, they open users to an additional attack vector when connecting with dApps.

In an attempt to allay these fears, an Exodus Community Manager said the firm is developing features to combat this, such as introducing a list of verified dApps.

“We’re working on features to better protect our users, such as curating a list of verified dApps that users can access directly in the extension should they not feel safe enough to go looking for dApps themselves.”

The message ended by reiterating that security and user education are top priorities for Exodus.

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