[ANN] Newest CryptoSlate Places: Australia, London and New York City [ANN] Newest CryptoSlate Places: Australia, London and New York City
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[ANN] Newest CryptoSlate Places: Australia, London and New York City

[ANN] Newest CryptoSlate Places: Australia, London and New York City

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We are thrilled to introduce the three newest additions to CryptoSlate Places: Australia, London, and New York City.

In parallel with the flourishing blockchain sector, CryptoSlate Places, intends to assemble and manage information from global blockchain hubs. By unifying localized news, events, company listings, and projects, we are steadily creating a comprehensive directory of the vast array of data that is continuously generated.

The initial 11 places were selected by identifying the most blockchain-active worldwide locations from covering more than 1,900 cryptocurrencies and 300 plus events.

Our latest additions:


Source: CryptoSlate Australia
Source: CryptoSlate Australia

Australia may often shy away from the spotlight, and yet when it comes to blockchain a number of promising developments are brewing down under, seemingly infiltrating all sectors of Australian society from governance to education.

With one of the most active trading populations in the world, Australia’s government was an early adopter of regulatory guidelines for cryptocurrency exchanges — having moved in April to clarify their terms of operation, subsequently outlining its intention to introduce robust market infrastructure. The nation’s lawmakers would appear to recognize the place of blockchain in a modern nation, however, granting IBM a $740 million contract to secure and streamline government data with its proprietary DLT technology.


Source: CryptoSlate London
Source: CryptoSlate London

The heartbeat of one of the largest financial centers in the world, London and its crypto cohort seem to have been stalled by regulatory stipulations akin to in Wall Street, with Ripple urging the nation’s lawmakers to abandon their “wait and see” approach to cryptocurrency.

Still, the British capital has been picked as a dormant blockchain hub — one bound to rise to the ranks of Japan, Malta, and others by 2022 — and would certainly seem to have all the makings of a stronghold. Recently the country saw its youngest self-made billionaire ever, BitMEX Co-Founder, Ben Delo, and the launch of its first regulated Ethereum futures contract.

New York City

Source: CryptoSlate New York City
Source: CryptoSlate New York City

As the long-lived global epicenter of finance, the Big Apple may be the toughest of nuts to crack for crypto startups, offering them equal measures of opportunity and angst when navigating some of the world’s most rigorous regulatory frameworks.

Nevertheless, several unperturbed efforts have witnessed industry firsts made in New York, perhaps most critically the launch of the first fully regulated, USD-backed stable coin, the Gemini Dollar.

Despite its skeptical position in local media, cryptocurrency seems to be firmly on the lips of Wall Street. The monolithic NYSE, for one, has its finger firmly in the pie, having unveiled plans to launch a regulated marketplace for digital assets, while Nasdaq recently revealed it has offered its technology to a number of crypto exchanges.

CryptoSlate Goals

We will be including other locations from North America, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East as CryptoSlate Places grows. The global connections we make will allow us to recognize how to support the development of the blockchain communities in each region.

As with each CryptoSlate Place that we add, our goals include:

  • Improving the management of the massive amount of data and information about localized blockchain communities,
  • Sharing original stories from people, companies and communities building or using blockchain technology.

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