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Blockchain intelligence platform

Glassnode Background

Glassnode brings data intelligence to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Glassnode builds applications that provide new ways of delivering insights into blockchains and cryptocurrencies by focusing on the most important input source in the space: data from the blockchains themselves.


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Glassnode Features

Modern Metrics

Conventional valuation metrics donโ€™t provide enough valuable information about the new crypto asset class; they are too noisy, too easy to manipulate, and too low-fidelity when applied to blockchain assets.

The availability of on-chain data enables the development of a new generation of metrics. These novel metrics can more precisely measure relevant economic activity in crypto networks, allowing stakeholders to make better informed decisions and more accurate predictions.

Open Finance

The open nature of on-chain data represents an as-yet unexplored paradigm shift in the fundamentals of finance.

This fundamentally new asset class brings with it the opportunity to reach a level of data granularity and immediacy that has never been possible before.

Instead of relying on incomplete information and opaque market forces, we can now observe and respond to verifiable market signals in real-time. This also allows for much better explanations of past events, and improved modelling and predictions for the future.

Trustworthy Data

Despite having a reputation for transparency and openness, the crypto industry is plagued by misinformation and deception.

The resulting information asymmetries mean that crypto markets are disproportionately controlled by only the most well-funded and technologically advanced players.

Analysing the incorruptible data coming directly from on-chain is the only way to ensure information about these markets is accurate and trustworthy.

Why Glassnode?

The problem is that gathering this data from multiple blockchains and generating meaningful information from it necessitates high operational costs and time commitments, as well as a comprehensive infrastructure of databases, tools, and skilled data scientists.

Thatโ€™s where Glassnode comes in. We are your gateway to on-chain data.

Access the fundamental insights you need to invest confidently in digital asset markets.

Glassnode Team

Yann Allemann

Co-Founder & Quantitative Trading

Kilian Heeg

Blockchain Archaeologist

Viktor Rogatin

Lead Software Engineer

Glassnode Headquarters

Zug, Bahnhofplatz, 6300 Zug, Schweiz

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