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Why South Korea’s Biggest Game Developer Acquired Crypto Exchange Bitstamp

NXMH, the subsidiary of NXC, the $10 billion parent company of game development firm Nexon, acquired major crypto exchange Bitstamp. Based in Belgium, NXMH is a Brussels-based investment firm which has made several high profile acquisitions of European corporations...

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South Korean Lawmakers Call out Country’s Delay in Regulating Token Issuances and Cryptocurrencies

Pointing out the government’s delay in regulating initial coin offerings (ICOs) since a year, South Korean lawmakers called for swift regulatory action in a parliamentary forum on Oct. 2, reported Business Korea. After China put forth a resistive stance...

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South Korea Excludes Crypto Exchanges from Venture Firm Certification, Tax Rate Increases 100 Percent

Cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea faced the dreaded government hammer last week, as the authorities decided to exclude the burgeoning business type from the country’s “Venture Company” certification, reported Business Korea on Oct.1. The certification provides small and medium...

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South Korea: “Third Generation” Blockchain Projects Look to Dominate the Global Crypto Market

Competition among the so-called “third generation” projects is fast brewing in the South Korean blockchain and cryptocurrency market, as companies scramble to find the industry’s “killer app” and spur widespread adoption. Korea’s Blockchain Push As reported by Business Korea...

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Report: North Korea Adopts Cryptocurrencies to Evade U.S. Sanctions

Despite a formal crackdown on foreign-made financial products, North Korea is increasingly utilizing cryptocurrencies to circumvent strict U.S. sanctions, reported Asia Times on Sept. 24. North Korea Adopts Bitcoin Spearheading the revelations are two Washington D.C.-based financial analysts, Lourdes...

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