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Custody or Convenience: BitGo Offers Cold Storage Cryptocurrency Trading

There are tradeoffs between centralization and convenience in cryptocurrency trading. BitGo has partnered with Genesis Global Trading Inc. to introduce a new method for exchanging funds offline that could offer greater flexibility and security, but it may come at...

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Venezuela Could Set New Precedent for Bitcoin as a Medium of Exchange

Hyperinflation in Venezuela is estimated to have reached a boggling 1.3 million percent in 2018. To reconcile runaway prices, the wealthy and the technologically savvy have turned to the stock market and cryptocurrency. Venezuela’s Deteriorating Economy Turns People to...

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Wyoming Paves the Way in Blockchain Legislation–Issues New Bill for Tokenizing Stocks

Wyoming continues to spearhead blockchain adoption with House Bill 0185. The bill, scheduled for July 1st if passed, permits corporations to issue blockchain-based stock certificate tokens. This bill is just one in a string of new legislation, cementing Wyoming’s...

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Gemini’s Winklevoss Twins Believe Bitcoin’s Future Lies in Regulation

Bitcoin evangelists and Gemini founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss believe cryptocurrency has a “bright future,” given banking-style regulations are applied to the burgeoning sector. In an interview with Fortune on Jan. 13, the Winklevoss twins noted the current market...

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