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Amazon Wins Two Blockchain Related Patents: Cryptography and Distributed Storage

Internet retail behemoth Amazon was recently awarded two blockchain-related patents. The patents related to cryptographic signatures and expandable data grids, signal a race to patent more of the open-source innovations occurring in the space. Nov. 13: Amazon was awarded two...

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IMF Chief Calls for Central Banks to Consider Issuing Digital Currencies

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chair Christine Lagarde has called for central banks to consider the possibility of issuing Central Banks Digital Currencies (CBDC), describing them as potential tools of financial inclusion and consumer protection. Better Than Cash? While speaking...

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Volatility Should Not Hold Investors Back from Accepting Cryptocurrency as an Asset Class in Asia

Asia’s traditional financial market has begun to recognize the investment merits of cryptocurrencies and its potential to be accepted as a formal asset class. Earlier this month, the Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) said that it will...

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Binance CFO Interview: 2 Main Things Will Drive Mainstream Crypto Adoption

Wei Zhou, the chief financial officer of Binance, believes two main factors will drive the mainstream adoption of crypto in the long-term. Solid cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure that increases the ease of purchasing cryptocurrency and an increase in the number...

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Binance Launches Cryptocurrency Analysis and Altcoin Research Division

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance launches altcoin research lab. The lab will focus on analyzing the investment potential of projects and sharing this information with the general public. The Launch of Binance Research Binance launched its research lab November 8th....

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Maduro Says Petro Purchasers Can Exchange It For Any Crypto, Plans to Take Petro to OPEC in 2019

Allegations that Venezuela’s Petro cryptocurrency is all hot air hasn’t stopped President Nicolas Maduro from announcing a special exchange period for the Petro, and that he’ll be presenting it to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) next...

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