TRON’s BitTorrent Announces Incentive Plans to Increase BTT Adoption Among Its “1 Billion Computer Installed Base”

BitTorrent, one of the most widely used peer-to-peer sharing platforms in the world, has launched three new programs that aim to incentivize the use of BTT coin, the company announced on Mar. 6th. TRON, the company that acquired BitTorrent, plans on leveraging the platform’s “1 billion computer installed base” to encourage adoption of the coin.

BitTorrent Launches Three Incentive Plans

BitTorrent, one of the largest and most popular peer-to-peer sharing platforms in the world, has announced the launch of three new incentive plans. Continuing its success streak in 2019, the new plans will leverage the platform’s user base to increase adoption of its BitTorrent blockchain product.

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According to an official announcement from the company, published on Mar. 6th, BitTorrent has big plans when it comes to promoting the development of BTT-based projects. Despite it being just under three months old, BTT has gained the support of many digital asset trading platforms and wallets. The launch of BTT was among the many changes TRON implemented since acquiring the company in June 2018.

The company has now launched three new incentive programs, aimed at BitTorrent and µTorrent users, partners, and ecosystems. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and current CEO of BitTorrent, said that the company’s goal was to make its technology accessible through products that people use every day. He said:

“What we are building will benefit a 1 billion computer installed base, businesses and active TRON and BTT users”

What This Means for TRON and BitTorrent

Both TRON and BitTorrent have welcomed the launch of the new programs as they would help the two entities achieve greater growth. TRON, which is already among the fastest growing blockchain companies in the world, believes that there is a “great overlap” between the two projects.

The combination of BitTorrent’s 100 million monthly active users and TRON’s distributed sharing technology could make BTT an incredibly popular coin, according to the press release; This is why the company plans to “accelerate education efforts” in the BitTorrent community in order to help users understand the TRON ecosystem better.

To help bring BTT to more users, BitTorrent will begin offering incentives to exchanges and wallets willing to support BTT. The coin is already listed on 30 major cryptocurrency exchanges across the world, including Binance, Bitfinex, OKEx, Huobi, Bithumb, Bittrex, and others.

And while any news about TRON and BitTorrent’s mutual collaboration is welcomed by TRON enthusiasts, the company’s announcement left many questions unanswered. Despite a lengthy Medium post, BitTorrent was vague about what any of those incentives would actually entail. Allegedly, more details will be shared in the next few weeks.

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