Dora Factory airdrops tokens to over 1 million Cosmos stakers Dora Factory airdrops tokens to over 1 million Cosmos stakers

Dora Factory airdrops tokens to over 1 million Cosmos stakers

Dora Factory says Cosmos has potential to become one of the largest on-chain communities that supports public goods with its quadratic funding program.

Dora Factory airdrops tokens to over 1 million Cosmos stakers

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Dora Factory, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, airdropped its native DORA token to over 1 million Cosmos Hub stakers on June 5 to boost participation in the ecosystem’s governance and decentralized funding activities.

Dora Factory focuses on decentralized governance and public goods funding tools. The company has developed technologies like Dora Vota and Public Good Staking to enhance decentralized governance.

Funding public goods

Following the airdrop, the project stated that Cosmos communities could participate in the ATOM Economic Zone (AEZ) quadratic funding program — an initiative it is spearheading with DoraHacks and Atom Accelerator DAO. This campaign aims to mobilize decentralized communities to support public goods projects through fundraising.

Cosmos users can participate using their ATOM tokens to vote and donate to public goods teams they want to support. This initiative aims to aid early-stage developers and decide the allocation of an 80,000 ATOM and $200,000 USDC matching pool over ten rounds of AEZ Quadratic Funding and MACI voting. The smart contracts for this voting round are on the Dora Vota network, allowing the community to use the airdropped DORA tokens as gas fees.

The team emphasized that the campaign was more than just distributing the reward pool to early-stage projects and vital public goods in AEZ. They stated it was also a democratic governance experiment designed to harness community power to support public goods and promising developers.

Privacy voting

Also, Dora Factory launched an innovative on-chain voting system with enhanced privacy features known as Minimal Anti-Collusion Infrastructure (MACI). This system allows community members to vote and review projects anonymously while protecting their addresses.

The team said it whitelisted a record 1 million addresses to participate in testing MACI privacy voting and would distribute $20,000 USDC stablecoin to the selected teams. Dora Factory will cover all voting fees for this round through Dora Vota’s native Gas Station feature.

MACI voting could revolutionize on-chain governance for the Cosmos community and other blockchains, making decentralized governance more efficient and cost-effective.

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