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SYS Price
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Market Cap $195,894,583
24H Volume $13,534,594
Circulating Supply 619,553,061 SYS
Total Supply 619,553,061 SYS
Announced Aug 14, 2014
1H -3.38%
24H +12.8%
7D +13.77%
1M +13.51%
1Y +533.66%
All-Time High $1.02361
% from ATH -69%
ATH Date May 5, 2021

What is Syscoin?

Syscoin is a cryptocurrency that offers near zero cost financial transactions like Bitcoin and provides businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely. Syscoin supports a broad variety of marketplaces, ranging from the fully decentralized marketplaces to centralized business markets.

Syscoin Technical Details

Blockchain Own Blockchain
Consensus Proof of Work (PoW)
Block Time 60 seconds
Hash Algorithm SHA256
Org. Structure Semi-centralized
Development Status Working product
Open Source Yes

Syscoin Masternode Details

Masternode Support Yes
Coins Required 100000 SYS

Syscoin Features

  • Blockchain Pruningย โ€“ Provides improved scalability to the core syscoin blockchain by efficiently pruning expired service data to minimize blockchain bloat for full nodes.
  • Unique Aliases / Syscoin Identitiesย โ€“ Syscoin Aliases are now unique across the network; a change from Syscoin 2.0 where variable-case aliases were permitted.
  • Alias Portabilityย โ€“ Optional passwords attached to aliases provide for portability and restoration options not possible on Syscoin 2.0 including the ability to recover an account simply by using the related Alias password.
  • Marketplace Moderationย โ€“ Two tiers of marketplace moderation both user-defined via SafeSearch and team-defined via a 3 tier system. The moderation system allows for a more public-friendly marketplace with options for SafeSearch restricted items.
  • Private payments via ZCashย โ€“ Syscoin users can now leverage ZEC as a direct payment option, which natively includes enhanced privacy.
  • Multiple payment optionsย โ€“ Offers can now be paid for in any currency supported by the marketplace and supported by the merchants. Rather than one specific currency, payments can be now be made using all three supported blockchains (SYS, BTC and ZEC).
  • Multi-signature Transaction Support across all Syscoin servicesย โ€“ Aliases, Certificates and Offers, now support multi-signature transactions, enabling a whole new class of use cases for Syscoin services.
  • Bitcoin 0.13 Core Updateย โ€“ As outlined in the launch of Syscoin 2.0, the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest bitcoin technology is essential for Syscoin to thrive; thus, we planned on keeping up to date with the latest Bitcoin core. Keeping up-to-date will be accomplished by upgrading the Syscoin 2.1 update to Bitcoinโ€™s latest core 0.13.99.
  • Escrow Support on External Paymentsย โ€“ Escrow was previously only available on offers purchased using Syscoin. With Syscoin 2.1, Escrow will now be available on offers purchased with any currency accepted, SYS, BTC or ZEC.
  • Private Alias Dataย โ€“ Aliases now include a private field which is visible only to the owner of the alias, allowing for private data storage on the blockchain.
  • Default Settingsย โ€“ There is now support for default Alias and default price-peg selection, increasing wallet usability. All service screens now also include the option to view all services the wallet owns or view services by individual Alias.
  • Dynamic Feesย โ€“ Fee information is now stored in the Alias rates peg allowing for dynamic fees specifically for Syscoin services. This enables different fee structures with different pegs and gives merchants more flexibility in pricing.
  • Shipping Notification Systemย โ€“ Optionally allows merchants to notify customers that an item has been shipped.
  • Feedback and Rating Systemย โ€“ A 5-star feedback and rating system can now be provided for Merchants, Customers and Arbitrators, ensuring an accurate representation of reputation history for all parties.
  • Easy unlock for encrypted walletsย โ€“ Easy unlock mechanism for improved usability w/encrypted wallets.
  • Hide Sold Out/Expired Offersย โ€“ Hide items that have are sold out or expired from wallet listing screens.
  • Search within categoryย โ€“ Search within a specific category rather than always searching all categories.
  • Suggested categoriesย โ€“ A standardized set of categories across the Syscoin marketplace, or use your own.
  • Offer geolocationย โ€“ Optionally add geolocation to offers.
  • Inflation reductionย – Mining schedule advanced from 6% inflation to 1.5% inflation.

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Syscoin Team

  • Reg. Name Blockchain Foundry
  • Reg. Location Canada
Sebastian Schepis
Sebastian Schepis

Syscoin Creator & Core Developer

Dan Wasyluk
Dan Wasyluk

Team Manager & Dev

Jagdeep Sidhu
Jagdeep Sidhu

Core Developer

Brad Hammerstrรถn
Brad Hammerstrรถn


Chris Marsh
Chris Marsh

Business Development Manager

Sebastien Dimichele
Sebastien Dimichele

Community Manager

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