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Lawrence Lerner is a digital payments pioneer. He currently serves as the President of Consulting for Dragonchain. Early in his career, he recognized that exchanges of value, whether it be payments, digital assets, knowledge, culture, personal values, are a key part of human interaction.

He has integrated digital payment systems into daily life since the late โ€™80s by enabling cryptocurrency, cashless payments, and financial reward systems long before these technologies became commonplace. While at Follett in the early 90โ€™s he built the first cashless payment system for college campuses.

Lerner has many years of hands-on expertise bringing edge technologies like internet, social, blockchain, mobile, and payments to market. He has a unique understanding of business and a deep knowledge combined with practical experience of what drives mass adoption in consumer and business markets.


Current Projects

Dragonchain, President of Consulting WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council, Board Member and Co-Founder Pithia, CEO LERNER Consulting, Managing Director Denny Hill Capital, Venture Partner Ottemo, Board Advisor CoinBeyond, Board Advisor


Seattle, WA U.S.


University of Chicago, Math, 1982-1986

Previous Projects

FrontFundr, Board Advisor, 2015-2017 LEVL, Strategy and Technology, 2015-2016 Ameritas Technologies, Vice President Consulting Services, 2013-2014 GENPACT LLC, Vice President and Global Head of Quality and Testing,



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