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Solana Labs builds products, tools, and reference implementations to expand the Solana ecosystem further. Join the crypto revolution and do the most impactful work of your life.

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Proof of History: The Key to Speed

Weโ€™ve created a cryptographically secure and trustless time source โ€“ and built a blockchain around it. This allows nodes in the network to verify the time and order of events without witnessing them directly, drastically reducing messaging overhead and unlocking massive network optimizations.

Finally, Scaling Without Sharding

We donโ€™t believe in compromising security. Solana takes existing blockchain architecture and algorithms and improves on them instead of overlaying additional complexities such as sharding. We believe in it so much that we named our podcast #nosharding.

Distributed Web Services and Storage

The future of cloud storage and web services can be decentralized, encrypted, permissionless, and secure. Decentralized file storage systems have the potential to eliminate high markup and human capital costs, and set new standards of unit economics for distributed data storage. Solana provides a scalable path for this future to become a reality.

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Greg Fitzgerald


Solana Labs
Raj Gokal


Solana Labs
Eric Williams, PhD

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645 Howard St, San Francisco, California, USA

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