What is it?

The SAFE network is autonomous and decentralised. It is not a set of federated servers, or owned storage locations, or identifiable nodes, nor does it contain a blockchain.

MaidSafeCoin Details

Market Cap $54,289,841
Volume 24H $173,116
Blockchain Omni
Circulating Supply 452,552,412 MAID
Total Supply 452,552,412 MAID
Proof Type Not mineable
Team Location Ayr, South Ayrshire
First Announced April 22, 2014

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MaidSafeCoin Founding Team

Nick Lambert
Nick Lambert

Chief Operating Officer

Vivekanand (Viv) Rajkumar
Vivekanand (Viv) Rajkumar


Fraser Hutchison
Fraser Hutchison

Software Engineer

David Irvine
David Irvine