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Rank 2439
Market Cap $51,772
24H Volume $22
Circulating Supply 91,137,865
Total Supply 100,000,000
1H +0.1%
24H -0.78%
7D +3%

What is ebakus?

Ebakus protocol uses Delegated Proof of Stake as its consensus algorithm, it is fast and scales well. It is 100% backwards compatible with ethereum smart contracts written in Solidity but also offers access to the ebakusdb. EbakusDB is a decentralized database with tables, indexes and more. It enables developers to create Solidity based dApps more powerful than ever before

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ebakus Team

Theo Theodoridis
Theo Theodoridis

Founder, CEO

Harry Kalogirou
Harry Kalogirou

Founder, CTO

Nicholas Douzinas
Nicholas Douzinas

Co-Founder, Business Dev

Eric Kuenzi
Eric Kuenzi

Co-Founder, Legal

Chris Ziogas
Chris Ziogas

Systems Developer

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