This is why Cosmos founders “Tendermint” decided to rebrand  This is why Cosmos founders “Tendermint” decided to rebrand 

This is why Cosmos founders “Tendermint” decided to rebrand 

The rebranding comes as a statement–Cosmos ecosystem is positioning itself to lead the mass adoption of decentralized services and Web 3.

This is why Cosmos founders “Tendermint” decided to rebrand 

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The founding team of the Cosmos ecosystem, “Tendermint” recently announced rebranding to “Ignite.”

The new, energized brand is supposed to reflect Ignite’s lead in driving the world’s transition to a decentralized future.

New brand for the new era of mainstream blockchain services

“The world is at an inflection point where accelerated growth in the Web 3 space will eventually see mass adoption of decentralized services in our everyday lives. We believe it is time to expand our focus to bring more people and organizations into this world,”

Clarified Peng Zhong, CEO of Ignite, as the founding team which issued the Cosmos whitepaper back in 2016 rolled out the new entity name, corporate brand, brand logo, and brand identity.

The rebrand reflects the company’s ambition to take the lead in building the next breakthrough in blockchain innovation–as well as engaging more people into using blockchain services.

According to the announcement, the team behind all the key infrastructure tech for the Cosmos ecosystem, including the Tendermint Core and Cosmos SDK, as well as the IBC development, opted for the name “Ignite” as it’s meant to symbolize “the initiation of change and action”–both the starting and the driving force of growth within the blockchain industry.

Igniting development, while putting users in the main focus

In the press release, the team declared its commitment “to ensure accessibility to blockchain technology,” which goes beyond supporting developers to build in the Cosmos ecosystem.

“With the Cosmos ecosystem continuously expanding and thriving, we recognize the need to expand our focus to the user community as decentralized services start to hit the mainstream,” read the announcement, noting the significance and fairness of open, distributed, and interoperable networks.

The announcement concluded:

“In the same way that we help developers build sovereign chains to realize their innovative ideas, we are helping users access these ideas-turned-services that could change their everyday lives,”

According to the press release, the leadership will remain unchanged, and Ignite will continue in its role as a core contributor to Cosmos.

In addition, the Cosmos ecosystem will continue thriving under the same name, overseen by the Interchain Foundation and other major core contributors, including Ignite–with a community-first orientation.

The rebranding coincides with the roll-out and continued development of flagship products– Starport and Emeris.

Released in July 2020, Starport grew to over 30 production-grade chains, amassing over 500 experimental projects on GitHub, and continues gaining traction as an all-in-one platform that allows devs to build and launch any crypto app on a sovereign blockchain.

Meanwhile, Emeris, a one-stop portal combining cross-chain navigator, wallet and DEX aggregator for users to manage crypto assets across multiple chains is on track for a public launch in Q2 2022.

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