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Ignite Background

Ignite (formerly Tendermint) is building solutions for the Cosmos ecosystem that are developed for global communities to easily build innovative ideas and for people to use decentralized services in their everyday lives.

Together, we create a more transparent and equitable world. Delivering the benefits of blockchain with our solutions:

  • Starport – The easiest way to build a blockchain.
  • Emeris – Experience the power of cross-chain DeFi.

Ignite News

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Ignite Services

  • Builds software for high-value public blockchains like the Cosmos Network.
  • A partner and service provider to the ICF in supporting the development of Cosmos.
  • Enrich the blockchain ecosystem for new clients and for its own business interests.

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Ignite Team

Jae Kwon

CEO & Founder

Peng Zhong
Peng Zhong

Chief Design Officer

Anton Kaliaev

Software Engineer

Jim Yang


Chjango Unchained

Director of Community

Ignite Headquarters

2014 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, California, USA

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