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Preliminary Injunction Against Blockvest for Fraudulent Securities Offering and Illegal Use of SEC Seal

The SEC filed a complaint against Blockvest and its founder for allegedly making unregistered securities offerings and using the SEC seal without permission. On Feb. 14th, the US District Court of California entered in a preliminary injunction against the firm....

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Dash Venezuela Team Issues a Response to Embezzlement Accusations against Dash Merchant Venezuela

Eugenia Alcalá, the CEO of Dash Venezuela, issued a statement following embezzlement accusations against Dash Merchant Venezuela, a separate Dash-funded organization. Some in the community are still outraged. Meanwhile, the CEO apologized for delays in delivering its balance sheet...

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Cryptopia Suffers Catastrophic Hack, Evidence Suggests $2.5 Million Ethereum Stolen

New Zealand-based Cryptopia is the first cryptocurrency exchange to get hacked in 2019. Estimates of the damage range between $2.5 to $3.5 million; The attack was confirmed in the late hours of Jan. 13th after the company announced emergency “maintenance.”...

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New Pirate Bay Malware Replaces Bitcoin and Ethereum Addresses, Alters Google Search Results

A new virus making the rounds is embedding nefarious code in a victim’s computer to extract cryptocurrencies, deceptively altering search results to scam users into parting with their digital assets. As reported by cybersecurity publication Bleeping Computer, the virus...

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UpBit Crypto Exchange Executives Indicted for Market Manipulation

South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, UpBit, faces criminal charges after top executives were formally indicted by the country’s legal prosecutors, as reported by Business Korea on December 21, 2018. Three senior exchange executives, including founder Song Chi-Hyung, were arrested...

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