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Eric Thies is a crypto and traditional market analyst, well known in the crypto space for his contributions and in-depth content on Twitter (@KingThies).

A Seattle native, Eric went to the University of Arizona and returned to Seattle afterward, where he now is a full-time entrepreneur and self-employed business owner.

Like many, Eric’s interest in cryptocurrency was born in the Spring of 2017 and his first coin “held” was Litecoin, only a mere $12 when first bought.

With no formal background in Finance at the time, the events in the peak of that winter created an interest that resulted in a 3-Year binge of absorbing all information regarding technicals, fundamentals and dynamics of markets. While learning these concepts, his account on Twitter became well known for accuracy and reliability And he continues to post today.

While learning the fundamentals of cryptodynamics, Eric quickly began understanding he needed a framework for success when it came to trading. After two years of testing, the MarketGod Indicator was born. MarketGod is a Buy & Sell Study & Strategy on MarketGod v6, v7 and MarketGodx are all accurate tools that have helped now over 2000 users in just 10 months of granting access. Eric has written for Cryptoslate in the past & hopes to get back to contributing consistently in the coming months. For more updates from Eric and his success with MarketGod by going to

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