NFTs are coming to collegiate sports in this new marketplace NFTs are coming to collegiate sports in this new marketplace

NFTs are coming to collegiate sports in this new marketplace

NFT producer RECUR has launched the first and largest collegiate sports NFT destination NFTU, where users can buy, collect and trade best college basketball moments as NFTs.

NFTs are coming to collegiate sports in this new marketplace

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NFTs have been on the surge for a year and are proven to be more than just digital art. Increasingly, they are being utilized for gaming and metaverse projects. However, 2021 also witnessed some unique NFT use cases as well. For example, a recent study ranking most searched NFTs placed a sports-related NFT as the third.

RECUR, an NFT company that designs and develops branded experiences for its users also entered the NFT field.

Their new release, NFTU, captures favorite moments from college basketball and offers them NFT collectibles. Users can take advantage of weekly airdrops, complete challenges to earn unique rewards, and use the NFTU marketplace to trade NFTs.

Rarities of NFTs are determined based on the player and the moment of play. Weekly airdrops will contain multiple NFTs in four different rarities from different price rates: Common at $10, Premium at $25, Rare at $125, and Ultra Rare at $500.

Carmelo Anthony, the current forward for the Los Angeles Lakers and former Syracuse University player emphasizes the importance of sports spirit, saying:

“Syracuse became home for me right away. The team, the fans, and the city drive the connection I’ll always have with Syracuse, where I felt part of a community in a major way. That’s what is also going to make NFTU so special. No matter where you go, you’re going to find somebody that reps your team. That connection is indescribable.”

RECUR co-founder Zach Brunch, on the other hand, touched upon the importance of providing a chance to the already crypto-oriented youth to support their teams by saying:

“With the launch of NFTU and our celebrity roster of athletes, we’re pioneering the future of fandom and building a community of college sports fans that spans generations,”

NFTU currently covers more than 50 universities and more than 100 current and former college players, including Ja Morant, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, and more. The platform’s official launch will take place on March 15th for the general public and on March 14th for RECUR Pass holders.

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