Malta Blockchain Summit Draws Key Players Industry-wide Malta Blockchain Summit Draws Key Players Industry-wide
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Malta Blockchain Summit Draws Key Players Industry-wide

Malta Blockchain Summit Draws Key Players Industry-wide

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Through the noise of 2018’s turbulent market, the key players in blockchain have persisted with the grim resolution to build something bigger, better, and brighter. Timed precisely with the launch of Malta’s groundbreaking DLT legislation, Nov. 1st, a division of these troupers will cross paths at Blockchain Island’s inaugural, government-backed conference, Malta Blockchain Summit.

Come Nov. 1st and 2nd, the event will see more than 5000 delegates rub shoulders with hundreds of investors, sponsors, and exhibitors, and hear from dozens of the industry’s most influential figures–including one of the very inventors of blockchain technology.

Malta Blockchain Summit will cater to all avenues of the rapidly evolving industry — namely, regulation and investment, marketing and affiliation, fintech, cryptocurrencies and tokenomics, and naturally, blockchain development.

With more than a hundred speakers scheduled across the two-day event, keynoters include:

Key Speakers

  • Scott Stornetta – Having co-created blockchain technology decades before the inception of Bitcoin, Stornetta will command an unmistakable authority at Malta Blockchain Summit, speaking on the matters of blockchain, distributed computing and the science of cryptography.
  • John McAfee – As a household name in computer security, McAfee seems to have had little trouble amassing an equally legendary status in cryptocurrency, known for his colorful passion, charisma, and pervasive online presence.
  • Hon. Joseph Muscat – Prime Minister Muscat may have become one of the world’s most unabashedly blockchain-bullish politicians, whose efforts to scramble a regulatory utopia cannot be missed.
  • Mike Butcher – The editor-at-large of TechCrunch has been lauded as one of the most respected journalists in technology. An MBE holder and repeated recipient of Wired UK’s top 100 most influential people in tech, Butcher is undoubtedly a voice to listen to.
  • Sunny Dhillon – A founding partner at San Francisco-based Signia Ventures, Dhillon has orchestrated early investment into a succession of prolifically successful ventures including 0x, Dfinity, tZERO, and Polkadot, and has collaborated with Andreessen Horowitz, Pantera Capital, and other venture capital heavyweights.
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The summit will also hear from emerging and enterprising startups at its ICO pitch, and see more than 250 coders vie for a €50k grand prize in the Hackathon, a developer-oriented event offering networking opportunities with Chronobank’s Mikhail Savchenko, Mattereum’s Mihai Cimpoesu and Ebo’s Gege Gatt, among others.

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