FTX Exploiter ups the ante with 200K ETH move FTX Exploiter ups the ante with 200K ETH move

FTX Exploiter ups the ante with 200K ETH move

FTX Exploiter began moving ETH again as 195,000 ETH leaves the hackers' main wallet with 15,000 of the total bridged to renBTC.

FTX Exploiter ups the ante with 200K ETH move

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Following on from the movement of 50,000 Ethereum (ETH) on Nov. 20, the FTX Exploiter wallet has moved a total of 195,000 ETH via 13 transactions through Nov. 2.

Unlike the ETH outflow of Nov. 20, the 195,000 ETH has been shifted in 13 transactions of 15,000 ETH to 13 separate new wallets.

Of the 13 new wallet addresses, the hacker has left 15,000 ETH in each of the new wallets bar one. In the first of the 13 transactions, the receiving account has bridged the ETH to renBTC — as seen on Nov. 20th.

Keeping Track

To help keep track of the recent ETH movement, we have listed the 13 new wallet addresses below:

  • 1: 0x8059c2B8fF915eC4B615c95e719861f269d68aDa (ETH bridged to BTC)
  • 2: 0x9B10ca213be20b8Bc2a398839Edd1F6406dc9B47
  • 3: 0xA122d2D3D147732e2b5Cce7d43A8c20e99C569F1
  • 4: 0x5ab55afcbFde83e0b3fBeff67Ed0dA73Ba7b629C
  •  5: 0xD53C2e2D17281487023C1e4433F7aC95B88D7277
  • 6: 0x7F3DeBBA84491401bD4fE51C1A1926B049189D57
  • 7: 0x3E957EfC6D1BF1d9141212269cD04855Ad92696e
  • 8: 0x52DA49C343dF2D1880Ec79Df9C89a962afC8691d
  • 9: 0x99072E1422377d808d5599A78Aa7e772B988C0FB
  • 10: 0x44B53564B95530A0bC708900089E685EEF12fA6E
  • 11: 0xd11fD269ac6b602e42AbB6F0F186cD5B27180ffD
  • 12: 0xC0C847B14965df7e7EaA003eA987C6187211d85f
  • 13: 0x11133Bcf0EcbE48e74A4D787Bb047AA5Bc2C5Cab

To keep track of the stolen Bitcoin (BTC), VP of research at TheBlock, Larry Cermak, has created a list of the 22 wallets holding the stolen $7.2 million in BTC.

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