$0.86277 -0.58%
Market Cap $79,872,372
24H Volume $1,645,988
Circulating Supply 92,148,901
Total Supply 92,148,901
1H -0.3%
24H -0.58%
7D -1.72%

What is Vai?

VAI is a decentralized stablecoin on the Venus Protocol exclusively on Binance Smart Chain.

The Venus Protocol is an BSC smart contract for supplying or borrowing assets. Through the vToken contracts, accounts on the blockchain supply capital (BNB or BEP-20 tokens) to receive vTokens or borrow assets from the protocol (holding other assets as collateral). The protocol will also enable the minting of VAI, which is the first synthetic stablecoin on Venus that aims to be pegged to 1 USD. VAI is minted by the same collateral that is supplied to the protocol. The Venus vToken contracts track these balances and algorithmically set interest rates for borrowers.

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