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Tron’s Daily Transaction Count Surges to a Third of Ethereum

Tron’s Daily Transaction Count Surges to a Third of Ethereum

Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

Proponents of the Ethereum ‘World Supercomputer’ may balk at the recently liberated Tron’s impressive post-mainnet momentum—with the young blockchain having rocketed to handling a third of Ethereum’s daily transaction count in August.

Tron’s progress to date may be seen as remarkable at any rate, opening its second full month of operation with 30,000 transactions, and closing the month’s daily average at 206,000 per day  — as calculated by TRX bull Tron Colony (and re-tweeted by Tron founder Justin Sun):

Such growth would seem not to be fleeting, either. With 440,135 recorded on the 1st of September, Tron’s transaction count appeared to lick the heels of Ethereum — seeing 67 percent of the volume of the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Tron vs. Ethereum: Fuel on the fire?

The news will invariably drum up support amongst impassioned members of the Tron community, who have for months battled Ethereum proponents over some of the more combative claims of Justin Sun.

Having pitched Tron as being an Ethereum-killer of sorts, Sun has tended to stir the pot amongst the Ethereum community when issuing development updates.

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Sun’s recent trumpeting of Tron as “the largest and most advanced peer-to-peer network in the world” seemed to ignite vitriol from Ethereum ‘World Supercomputer’ bulls, only to be matched with the rebuttals of Tron holders — perhaps typical of the type of to-and-fro come to be expected from Sun’s tweets.

The latest news will come as bullish to many, and yet the road ahead may be longer when catching up to Ethereum’s 42 million unique addresses — with 294,900 total Tron accounts in existence at the time of press.

Yet in the eyes of Sun, Tron’s acquisition of BitTorrent may be as good as the keys to the kingdom:

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