The GAM3 Awards final nominees have been revealed with $2M prize pool The GAM3 Awards final nominees have been revealed with $2M prize pool

The GAM3 Awards final nominees have been revealed with $2M prize pool

The top five networks for nominated games are Polygon, Ethereum, Immutable X, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.

The GAM3 Awards final nominees have been revealed with $2M prize pool

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The GAM3 Awards 2023 in collaboration with GAM3S.GG and Magic Eden features a prize pool exceeding $2M. It will take place on Dec. 14.

With 214 games initially nominated, the selection process was entrusted to a panel of over 70 experts from the traditional and web3 gaming sectors. This jury comprises executives from tech giants like Amazon, Google, Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Samsung, alongside leaders from the blockchain gaming ecosystem. The criteria for selection focused on gameplay, mechanics, replayability, the “fun” factor, accessibility, and overall quality, leading to a shortlist of 40 games now open for community voting.

The 2023 awards have seen a notable increase in qualified games with playable versions, more than doubling from the previous year. This growth indicates the sector’s robust development and the rising standard of web3 games. The finalists span nine blockchain networks, with Arbitrum making its debut and the top five networks being Polygon, Ethereum, Immutable X, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.

Gam3 Awards 2023
Gam3 Awards 2023

The jury’s role in the voting process holds a 90% influence, while community votes contribute 10%. Notably, the ‘People’s Choice Award’ and ‘Best Content Creator’ rely solely on community votes, amplifying the voice of the gaming community in these segments. Several games have stood out, with Big Time, Wildcard, Parallel, and Deadrop securing five nominations.

The Game of the Year category nominees are Parallel, Big Time, Deadrop, Wildcard, and NFL Rivals.

Game of the Year Nominees
Game of the Year Nominees

The prize pool for winners includes cash grants, tech service credits, marketing support, and more, provided by a consortium of partners like Amazon, Magic Eden, AD Gaming, and others, highlighting the broad support and investment in the future of web3 gaming.

George Yousling, Director of Business Development at Polygon Labs, stated,

“Despite the macro headwinds, I’m encouraged by high quality games reaching open beta and early access. Games that are fun to play with fleshed out core loops, tutorials, in-game economies, and progression systems. User flows that remove friction through account abstraction and help get players enjoying the experience upfront as opposed to clunky onboarding.”

The GAM3 Awards are looking to actively engage the gaming community through an exclusive free mint for voters by Magic Eden and a $100k prize pool for community members.

For the complete list of nominees, visit Final voting starts Nov. 22 and runs until Dec. 1.

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