Distributed GPU Cloud Infrastructure for Gaming & AI

Aethir Background

Aethir is a forward-thinking company that specializes in decentralized cloud infrastructure tailored for the gaming and AI industries. Their decentralized cloud infrastructure (DCI) is a scalable network designed to provide cloud services to gaming and AI companies, enabling them to manage products and user data effectively. Aethir’s core mission revolves around democratizing access to powerful hardware, ensuring that users can seamlessly access high-quality gaming and AI content globally, irrespective of their location or device capabilities.


Aethir’s innovative approach optimizes GPU utilization for compute-intensive applications like AI, ML, and Cloud Gaming. Through resource pooling, owners can contribute underutilized GPUs to Aethir’s network, creating a collective pool of computing resources that facilitates global GPU distribution at reduced costs. Additionally, Aethir’s decentralized ownership model transcends traditional structures, promoting distributed resource possession and fostering a more equitable technological landscape. This approach not only lowers barriers to entry for new consumers but also opens up economic opportunities and contributes to a globally interconnected digital ecosystem.

Achievements and Milestones

Aethir has achieved significant milestones since its inception, including publishing an inaugural whitepaper, integrating the first AAA blockchain game, launching globally distributed nodes, adding prominent figures like Arthur Hayes to the advisory board, securing seed and pre-A funding, and launching a successful Testnet. Furthermore, Aethir has demonstrated its commitment to innovation by launching a public gaming platform and onboarding a substantial number of gamers onto its infrastructure, showcasing its dedication to revolutionizing cloud interactions in the gaming and AI sectors.

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Aethir Team

Mark Rydon
Mark Rydon

Co-founder & CEO

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