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Co-Founder at Hypersheet

Willy Woo Bio

Willy Woo, born in Hong Kong and raised in New Zealand from a young age, embarked on a technology-driven career path after completing his university education. Initially involved in tech startups, Woo was an early innovator in mobile app development, predating the iPhone era. His entrepreneurial journey included several successful startup exits, followed by a foray into stock trading and gold investment during the 2008 financial crisis.

Entry into Cryptocurrency

Woo’s introduction to Bitcoin came during a project a few years after the financial crisis. Intrigued by its comparison to digital gold, he began acquiring Bitcoin during its price dip between 2013 and 2014. This period marked the beginning of his deep dive into the workings of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market.

On-Chain Metrics Expertise

Woo’s expertise lies in the analysis of on-chain metrics of Bitcoin, a novel approach to understanding the Bitcoin blockchain network’s data. His insights and findings, shared extensively online, have earned him a substantial following, including over a million followers on social media platforms and a highly subscribed newsletter, “The Bitcoin Forecast,” on Substack.

Contributions to Crypto Analysis

Willy Woo is renowned for his unique insights into the cryptocurrency markets, particularly his on-chain analysis and Bitcoin price predictions. His work has been featured in prominent crypto publications like CoinDesk and Forbes. He also manages WooBull, a website where he publishes his detailed crypto market analyses.

Personal Insights

While Woo maintains a private personal life, he has shared snippets of his background in interviews. His journey from Hong Kong to New Zealand, and eventually to Canada, reflects his global perspective. Known as a digital nomad, Woo’s lifestyle involves frequent travel, aligning with his deep involvement in the digital and borderless world of cryptocurrencies.

Source: CoinDesk

Willy Woo News

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Willy Woo Current Work

  • Hypersheet Co-Founder
  • Woobull Independen Crypto Analyst
  • Fomonomics Data Choreographer
  • Level Product Advisor
  • Exodus Advisor
  • CoinDesk Contributing Writer

Willy Woo Previous Work

  • He3Labs Advisor 2017-2019
  • Forbes Contributing Writer 2017

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