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What is MarketGod Trading?

We offer our users various software tools to enhance their trading approach and supplement their overall success. Our signature tool, MarketGodx, is an indicator/chart overlay accessed via Using TA Based insight and data, we’ve designed a fundamentally sound solution that will deliver consistent insight to our users, to help them decide when to enter and exit a trade. In under a year of operating, we have over 1000 premium users who consistently and happily use our tool to add to their success in various markets.

MarketGod Trading Features & Specs

  • Receive via SMS, Email, or pop notification in Tradingview mobile app
  • See painted alerts on chart, corresponding with set alerts from above
  • Support Resources available on website

Supported Cryptocurrencies

MarketGod Trading Team

  • Parent Company MarketGod Trading Tools, LLC
  • Team Location Seattle, WA, U.S.

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