Unstoppable Domains

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Unstoppable Domains Background

Unstoppable Domains is a company based in San Francisco that offers people domain names built on the blockchain. It is on a mission to create user-owned, digital identity for every person on the planet. The company offers NFT domains that give people control of their digital identity and its usernames can be used to log into more than 150 Web3 applications, shorten crypto wallet addresses, and build a decentralized Web3 identity.

Unstoppable Domains News

Unstoppable Domains Team

Unstoppable Domains
Sandy Carter

COO and Head of Business Development

Unstoppable Domains
Lisa Seacat DeLuca

Senior Director of Engineering and Product

Unstoppable Domains
Braden Pezeshki

Founder & Full Stack Engineer

Unstoppable Domains
Bradley Kam

Founder & Head of Strategy

Unstoppable Domains
Bogdan Gusiev

Founder & Director of Engineering, Registry

Unstoppable Domains Support

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