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ECOS Background

Founded in 2017, ECOS operates with a legal status in Armenia’s Free Economic Zone. At ECOS you can earn bitcoins in 3 different ways: cloud mining, ASIC renting, and by purchasing a mining equipment. ECOS has a mobile app to keep you updated, a 24/7 highly qualified maintenance team, and a wide range of contracts with a minimum entry point of $99.

Innovative Bitcoin Mining Solutions

ECOS presents users with three distinct methods to engage in bitcoin mining. Cloud mining allows individuals to participate in mining operations remotely, eliminating the need for physical hardware and offering a convenient way to earn bitcoins. ASIC renting provides access to specialized mining equipment, enabling users to optimize their mining capabilities and increase their earning potential. For those seeking a more hands-on approach, ECOS offers the option to purchase mining equipment, granting users greater control over their mining operations and investment strategies.

Comprehensive Support and Accessibility

The integration of a mobile app by ECOS ensures users are kept informed and engaged with their mining activities, providing real-time updates and insights. Backed by a highly qualified 24/7 maintenance team, ECOS prioritizes operational efficiency and user satisfaction, offering peace of mind to investors. Moreover, ECOS’s diverse range of contracts, with a minimum entry point of $99, makes bitcoin mining accessible to a broad audience, enabling individuals to enter the cryptocurrency market with a modest initial investment.

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