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Nym’s mission is to build the next generation of privacy infrastructure. Data harvesting has dominated Silicon Valley business models over the past decade and has rapidly become the norm for monetizing online activity. Understanding and predicting user behaviour is now core to both old and new media businesses, for example, from the Financial Times to Facebook, who famously sold its users out to its commercial clients like Cambridge Analytica.

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The Nym System – There currently exists no functioning protocol that can provide strong guarantees against the leakage and harvesting of metadata โ€“ for instance, data regarding the timing of communication, and the graph of who is communicating. Nym is an open-source, decentralized, permissionless and incentivized system that provides full-stack privacy, allowing developers to build applications that provide users with strong guarantees against metadata surveillance, at both the level of network traffic, and the level of authentication and payments.

Mix Node Operators – The Nym protocol will allow operators to run mix nodes in the network and earn rewards. If you are interested in operating a Nym mix node, sign up for updates below.

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Nym Team

Harry Halpin

CEO and Chairman of Scientific Board

Dave Hrycyszyn

Chief Technology Officer

Claudia Diaz

Chief Scientist

Ania Piotrowska

Head of Research

Jess Hrycyszyn

Head of Product & Partnerships

Aggelos Kiayias

Scientific Advisor

Jedrzej Stuczynski


Alexis Roussel

Chief Operating Officer

Nym Headquarters

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