What is Openledger?

OpenLedger is a business-centric, innovative blockchain services provider that focuses on delivering high-performance, versatile blockchain solutions to enterprises and start-ups. With an emphasis on practical business application, OpenLedger develops custom blockchain solutions and Dapps on Hyperledger, EOSIO, BitShares and Ethereum.

Openledger Services

  • Openledger DEX.ย OpenLedger DEX allows users to trade thousands of BitShares assets including price-stable cryptocurrencies like bitUSD, bitEUR and bitCNY.ย The exchange also supports more than 50 of the most popular cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies.ย OpenLedger offers coin listing on OpenLedger DEX.
  • Blockchain Development. OpenLedger helps businesses plan, structure, build and implement applications, structures, currencies and functions.
  • ICO/ITO Services. OpenLedger works with you through each stage of your ICO/ITO. OpenLedger will support you on all fronts: consulting, full-scale technical development, marketing and PR.
  • HubDSP.ย HubDSP provides a comprehensive digital advertising solution for cryptocurrencies, exchanges and businesses pursuing an ICO/ITO.ย The platform enables real time bidding, audience buying and centralized campaign management, tracking, reporting and analytics.
  • genEOS.ย genEOS is a decentralized ecosystem that lets businesses design and launch their own blockchain applications, backed by a blockchain service provider ready to build Dapps to order.
  • Dapp development on Hyperledger, EOSIO, Bitshares and Ethereum.

Openledger Features

OpenLedger Decentralized Asset Exchange

  • A ready-made crypto trading platform, created and developed by experts
  • Two UIs for professional traders and beginners included
  • 50+ cryptocurrency gateways already built in and more added weekly
  • Localization available in 10 languages
  • Flexible monetization settings
  • Unmatched performance โ€“ 100K+ transactions per second
  • Advanced security with encryption, 2FA, cold storage and access management
  • Pre-installed fiat gateways (bitUSD, bitEUR and bitCNY)
  • Customizable UI that can be designed in line with your brand book
  • Many other features designed for successful trading business

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Ronny Boesing
Ronny Boesing

CEO and Founder

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