Provides world-class solutions for blockchain development

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Truffle provides world-class solutions for blockchain development, offering the tooling, training, advisory and support services for the world’s most popular blockchain networks. With a strong foundation in the Ethereum ecosystem, Truffle’s suite of tools is used by hundreds of thousands of developers and is trusted to help bring dapps and smart contracts to life.

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Truffle Features

  • TRUFFLE TEAMS – Smart Contract Management for Dapp Developers.

1. Truffle – Truffle is a popular development framework for Ethereum with a mission to make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Smart Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Automated Contract Testing
  • Scriptable Deployment & Migrations
  • Simple Network Management

2. Ganache – Quickly fire up a personal Ethereum blockchain which you can use to run tests, execute commands, and inspect state while controlling how the chain operates.

  • Visual Mnemonic & Account Info
  • Blockchain Log Output
  • Advanced Mining Controls
  • Built-in Block Explorer
  • The Ethereum Blockchain

3. Drizzle – A collection of front-end libraries that make writing dapp user interfaces easier and more predictable.

  • Reactive Ethereum Datastore
  • Maintains Underlying Functions
  • Use An Existing Store
  • Component Library

Truffle Services

  • Truffle Suite consists of three tools that make your development experience sweeter: Truffle, Ganache and Drizzle. All three tools help speed up development and ensure you only need to focus on one thing: Your application.
  • Truffle is building a community of developers who are on the forefront of an exciting new technology. It’s mission is to make developers’ lives easier through tools, guidance, tutorials, documentation, training and support.

Truffle Team

Tim Coulter
Tim Coulter

Founder & CEO

Wes McVay

Vice President, Global Strategic Partnerships

Adrian Li

Software Development Lead - Front-end

Nick D'Andrea

Head of Engineering

Kevin Bluer

Head of Curriculum & Training

Josh Quintal

Head of Product & Marketing

Mike Seese

Technical Lead for Truffle Teams

Nick Paterno

Blockchain Engineer

Truffle Headquarters

49 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA

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