What is Crypto Capital?

Crypto Capital allows their customers, merchants, and traders the ability to move fiat currency in and out of supported Crypto Currency Exchanges. In 2013, Crypto Capital was founded in Panama and was operated by Crypto Capital Corporation. Today, Crypto Capital is owned and operated by Global Trade Solutions A.G., a licensed financial institution in Zug, Switzerland.

Crypto Capital Services

  • INVESTORS, TRADERS.ย Crypto Capital handles all KYC/AML requirements that means you get verified only once and you are clear to interact with multiple Exchanges without the need to re-verify your identity every time. One Account – Multiple Exchanges
  • CORPORATE ACCOUNT. Crypto Capital can provide your Company a Fiat Bank account, so you can continue to grow your Crypto related business on an international level. Get direct access to exchanges, Payment Processors, transfer and receive funds worldwide and so much more.
  • EXCHANGE PLATFORMS. Crypto Capital handles all KYC/AML/SAR verification requirements and is licensed to handle customer’s funds. All you need to do is do what you do best, provide the best software platform to exchange Crypto to Fiat and vice versa.

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Crypto Capital Location

Zug, Switzerland

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