What is it?

Qtum provides a Turing-complete blockchain stack, able to execute smart contracts and decentralized applications, comparable to the Ethereum blockchain. However, in contrast to Ethereum, Qtum is built upon Bitcoin's well established UTXO transaction model and employs a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that is more practical for business adoption.

Qtum Details

Market Cap $231,994,668
Volume 24H $144,324,689
Circulating Supply 89,347,272 QTUM
Total Supply 101,347,272 QTUM
Proof Type Proof of Stake (PoS)
Algorithm POS 3.0
Team Location China
First Announced December 26, 2016

QTUM Charts

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Qtum Founding Team

Patrick Dai
Patrick Dai


Neil Mahi
Neil Mahi

Blockchain Architect

Jordan Earls
Jordan Earls

Core developer

Yunqi "Caspal" Ouyang

Web developer

Baiqiang Dong
Baiqiang Dong

Xiaolong "Stephen" Xu