Top performing coins over 30 days – Notcoin, THORChain, Jasmy, ENS, Monero Top performing coins over 30 days – Notcoin, THORChain, Jasmy, ENS, Monero

Top performing coins over 30 days – Notcoin, THORChain, Jasmy, ENS, Monero

Notcoin and other top cryptos outshine market with impressive rallies

Top performing coins over 30 days – Notcoin, THORChain, Jasmy, ENS, Monero

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Over the past 30 days, CryptoSlate data shows that Notcoin (NOT), THORChain (RUNE), Ethereum Name Service (ENS), JasmyCoin (JASMY), and Monero (XMR) have massively outperformed the market.

NOT has soared over 170%, while Monero has rebounded 20% over the same period. Notably, all projects are still down over 45% from their respective all-time highs, with Jasmy down 90%.

NameTicker7D %30D %Price% ATH
Ethereum Name ServiceENS+29.41%+28.41%$26.1050-57%

Notcoin (NOT)

Notcoin (NOT), the token of the popular Telegram-based game, has experienced significant growth over the past 30 days, making it one of the best-performing crypto projects in this period.

The surge began with the token’s listing on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange. This listing led to an increase in NOT’s price, providing greater accessibility and credibility to the token. Following this, Telegram founder Pavel Durov’s public endorsement of Notcoin further fueled the rally. Durov revealed that the value of NOT tokens he donated had quadrupled, leading to a price jump.

Notcoin’s impressive performance was also driven by its innovative tap-to-earn mining model and the launch of new features such as staking functions and token burns. These developments attracted many users and investors, pushing the token’s market cap to over $2.5 billion at its peak.

Despite a recent correction, where NOT’s price dropped by over 40% from its all-time high, the token has maintained strong trading volumes and community support. Analysts suggest that the current downturn might present a buying opportunity, with the potential for future gains as the market stabilizes.

Overall, Notcoin’s combination of strategic exchange listings, influential endorsements, and innovative features has solidified its position as a standout performer in the volatile crypto market.


THORChain (RUNE), the native crypto of the decentralized liquidity protocol THORChain, has experienced a significant surge in market value over the past 30 days. This impressive performance can be attributed to several key developments and market forces.

THORChain has seen a tenfold increase in its volume share, positioning it as a top 15 decentralized exchange (DEX). Additionally, THORChain’s ecosystem has expanded significantly, with notable volume, liquidity, and user engagement growth. The platform reported a 53% increase in volume, a 48% rise in liquidity, and a 57% growth in savers during the first quarter of 2024. These metrics highlight the growing adoption and utilization of THORChain’s services.

Overall, THORChain’s robust performance and strategic developments have positioned it as one of the best-performing crypto projects, with a promising outlook for the future.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has emerged as one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies over the past 30 days, with its price surging by over 20%. The rally can be attributed to several factors, including growing adoption, regulatory clarity, and the overall bullish sentiment surrounding the Ethereum ecosystem.

One of the primary drivers behind ENS’s recent price surge is the increasing adoption of protocol by various decentralized applications (dApps) and projects within the Ethereum ecosystem. As more developers recognize the benefits of using human-readable names instead of long, complex addresses, the demand for ENS domains has skyrocketed.

Additionally, today’s regulatory clarity the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provided regarding Ethereum’s status as a non-security has further fueled the rally. The SEC’s decision to drop its investigation into Ethereum has alleviated concerns among investors and paved the way for the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs, which could potentially drive even more demand for ENS domains.

With its innovative solution for simplifying blockchain interactions and the growing adoption within the Ethereum ecosystem, ENS has solidified its position as a key player in the crypto market, attracting investors and driving its price to new heights.

JasmyCoin (JASMY)

JasmyCoin (JASMY), the crypto project focused on data privacy and the Internet of Things, has seen a remarkable price surge of over 50% in the last 30 days. The JASMY token rallied from around $0.019 on May 19 to over $0.031 by June 19, outperforming many other major cryptocurrencies during this period.

One of the key drivers behind JASMY’s recent price rise has been the growing adoption and interest in the project’s data locker technology. In late May, Jasmy announced a partnership with Japanese electronics giant Panasonic to integrate its data locker into Panasonic’s smart home devices and appliances. This boosted JASMY, enabling users to securely store and monetize their personal data generated by Panasonic’s IoT products.

Additionally, there were unconfirmed rumors that JASMY may be exploring integration with major smartphone manufacturers to include data lockers in their devices by default. If confirmed, this could massively increase JASMY’s user base and utility.

While JASMY is still a relatively small market cap project, its focus on data privacy resonates with growing concerns about big tech companies exploiting user data.

Monero (XMR)

Monero (XMR), the leading privacy-focused crypto, has seen a remarkable surge over the past month, cementing its position as one of the top performers in the crypto market.

The rally can be attributed to a growing demand for privacy and anonymity in financial transactions, as concerns over government surveillance and data breaches continue to rise globally. Monero’s unique privacy features, which obfuscate transaction details and conceal the identities of senders and receivers, have made it an attractive choice for individuals and organizations seeking to protect their financial privacy.

Additionally, Monero’s recent delisting from several major crypto exchanges, including Binance, has paradoxically fueled investor interest in the project. Many view the delistings as an attempt by centralized entities to undermine privacy and financial freedom, further solidifying Monero’s appeal among privacy advocates and cypherpunks.

Monero’s strong fundamentals, including its active development community and robust network security, have also contributed to its positive price performance. The project’s commitment to continually improving privacy features and resisting censorship has resonated with a growing user base.

As of June 19, Monero’s price has surged by over 20% in the past 30 days, outperforming most other major cryptocurrencies and solidifying its position as a leading privacy coin. With privacy concerns showing no signs of abating, Monero’s upward trajectory may continue in the coming months.

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