Solana Labs unveils GameShift, a web3 suite for game developers Solana Labs unveils GameShift, a web3 suite for game developers

Solana Labs unveils GameShift, a web3 suite for game developers

GameShift is intended to enable a Web 2.0-friendly experience while minimizing blockchain complexities on the front end.

Solana Labs unveils GameShift, a web3 suite for game developers

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Solana Labs announced the beta launch of GameShift, its Web3 service for game developers, in a press release published on Oct. 31.

Davis Hart, Product Lead for GameShift, said:

“Integrating GameShift’s API to handle blockchain complexity under the hood allows developers to dedicate more resources directly to game development … developers can provide a Web2-friendly experience to gamers, easing the common Web3 frictions that can deter user acquisition and engagement.”

The announcement details that game developers can use GameShift to mint in-game assets, and the platform also supports the listing, purchase, and trading of these assets. These purchases can be conducted “without ever holding crypto,” according to Solana Labs, including through U.S. dollar payments and credit card transactions.

GameShift documentation also suggests that the service provides a self-custodial wallet to players, giving those users full control over their assets.

Solana Labs added that the service otherwise simplifies matters related to blockchain, such as storage, gas fees, and smart contract implementation. The API can be used without any need for knowledge about blockchain or blockchain coding.

The announcement named three partners who power the service alongside Solana Labs itself. Those partners are the NFT creation tool Crossmint, the crypto payment gateway Coinflow, and the non-custody wallet protocol Metakeep.

Solana gained 28% this week

GameShift’s beta arrives alongside exceptional market performance for Solana. SOL gained 28.4% over the seven-day period ending Nov. 1, making it one of the week’s best-performing coins. Bitcoin was up 0.2%, and Ethereum was up 3.5% over that period.

SOL has also gained 75.5% over the past 30 days, compared to Bitcoin’s gains of 24.6% and Ethereum’s gains of 10.5% over that same period.

Numerous factors may have contributed to those price gains. Significant events, such as FTX’s sale of $57 million worth of SOL and Solana’s recent confidential transactions upgrade, may also have affected investor sentiment.

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