Bankrupt FTX moves $156M worth of assets including Ethereum and Solana Bankrupt FTX moves $156M worth of assets including Ethereum and Solana

Bankrupt FTX moves $156M worth of assets including Ethereum and Solana

with insights from Nansen

FTX creditor's claim has risen to more than 50 cents on the dollar after Google committed $2 billion to Anthropic.

Bankrupt FTX moves $156M worth of assets including Ethereum and Solana

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Blockchain analytics firm Nansen reported that wallets connected to bankrupt FTX have moved up to $156 million worth of digital assets, including Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL), in several transactions over the past week.

Unstakes Solana

In an Oct. 31 post on X (formerly Twitter), Nansen reported that FTX began unstaking 1.6 mill SOL tokens, worth approximately $57.6 million, on Oct. 30.

While the unstaked assets are currently held in the staking wallet, FTX’s fund movement will increase the total SOL transferred to nearly $90 million.

Earlier in the month, FTX liquidators staked approximately $120 million in Solana tokens through Figment, an institutional staking service provider. This move is anticipated to yield up to 7% return in staking rewards and is expected to help the bankrupt firm maximize its assets.

$156M transferred

Nansen, while adding FTX’s recently unstaked Solana assets to the stream of transactions from the insolvent company to crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, estimated a movement of approximately $156 million worth of digital assets.

According to Nansen’s analysis, the new wave of transactions included 1,100 ETH valued at $2 million, 10.5 million USDC, and 7.6 million Render tokens worth $500,000.

FTX also transferred 833,000 Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) tokens, equivalent to $616,000, and 108 million TRUE tokens worth $420,000. Further assets included 138,000 Band Protocol tokens valued at $221,000, 2.5 million The Graph tokens equivalent to $273,000, 845 Maker tokens valued at $1.17 million, and 9.5 million REN tokens worth $500,000.

Additionally, there were 695,000 Perpetual Protocol Tokens valued at $423,000, 767,000 Biconomy Tokens worth $182,000, and 23,000 Polygon tokens worth $15,000.

FTX claims value rise

Prices for FTX claims increased following reports of a $2 billion investment by Google in the artificial intelligence startup Anthropic.

Ikigai hedge fund manager Travis Kling posited that the investment had driven “FTX bankruptcy pretty close to a full recovery.”

In an interview with CryptoSlate, Thomas Braziel, an expert on FTX claims at 117 Partners, urged creditors to remain cautious. This was reiterated in a post on X (formerly Twitter), where he highlighted that there was no valuation mentioned in the Google-Anthropic investment, adding that:

“Great to see this news tonight but the bankruptcy still have a big road ahead of it.”

Data from Cherokee Acquisition shows that the claim’s value has risen to between 50 and 53 cents on the dollar as of press time.

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