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SEC Charges ‘ICO Superstore,’ Digital Hedge Fund Manager with Registration Failures

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is charging two crypto-related entities with registration failures, in what it considers a first for both enforcement actions. TokenLot Hit with Unregistered Broker-Dealers The first to be hit with charges is Michigan-based TokenLot,...

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SEC Shuts Down Two Bitcoin and Ether Securities, Calls Out ‘Investor Confusion’

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission halted two cryptocurrency-backed securities on Sunday following concerns of “market confusion” among participants. ETFs Remain a Gray Zone According to the SEC notice, XBT Provider’s Bitcoin and Ether exchange-traded notes (ETNs), Bitcoin Tracker One...

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Report: Cryptocurrency to Be Treated As a Prominent Trading Market in Australia

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), has published a corporate plan that describes a vision for the country’s economic future as well as its intentions to regulate the cryptocurrency market. Governing the Crypto Trading Market The watchdog identified initial...

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Local Bitcoin Price Hits Record-High of $24,000 in Iran

With public adoption on the rise, international cryptocurrency regulations continue to develop. On Sept. 4, Iran legitimized cryptocurrency mining as an industry–propelling local Bitcoin prices to new, record highs. Crypto Industry Gains Global Traction in Legitimization The Iranian government...

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