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IMF Chief Calls for Central Banks to Consider Issuing Digital Currencies

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chair Christine Lagarde has called for central banks to consider the possibility of issuing Central Banks Digital Currencies (CBDC), describing them as potential tools of financial inclusion and consumer protection. Better Than Cash? While speaking...

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China’s Central Bank Calls for More Government Oversight on Blockchain

China’s central bank the People’s Bank of China (PBC) encouraged the government to increase supervision of blockchain-related ventures in a working paper released on Tuesday, warning that “bubbles were apparent,” according to Reuters. "China to Strengthen Supervision on Blockchain-Related...

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Hong Kong Unveils Regulatory “Sandbox” for Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms and Exchanges

Hong Kong unveiled a new set of regulations aimed at governing the local cryptocurrency trading and funding market in a move that seeks to improve investor protection and the city’s status as a premier financial hub. Accredited Investors Only...

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The Architect of Malta’s ‘Blockchain Island’ Initiative Says Fourth Blockchain Bill Will Foster Innovation

Prominent blockchain strategist and advisor Steve Tendon has spent years trying to close the gap between regulators and developers in the blockchain space. More recently, he has taken on a more direct role as the first Chairman of the...

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