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About Monarch

The Monarch App functions as a digital wallet, where users will be able to store their Bitcoin, Ethereum and all ERC-20 token (NEP-5 tokens support coming soon). The Decentralized Wallet keeps track of all userโ€™s assets and allow users to send and receive payments.

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Monarch Features & Specs

  • Buy/Sell Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Send/Receive:
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • XRP*
    • Stellar*
    • GoChain*
    • All ERC20 Tokens
  • Track your Gains and Losses*
  • Review Market Data for Most Cryptocurrencies*
  • Keep Up-To-Date on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News
  • Maintain Control Over Your Private Seed + Keys
  • Sync With Our Compatible Desktop Apps
  • Qualified Users Can Now Earn Interest With Crypto


*Windows and Mac OS X Features coming soon

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Monarch Team

  • Team Location Reno, NV
Sneh Bhatt
Sneh Bhatt


William Lince
William Lince


Kyle Asman
Kyle Asman

Regulatory Compliance

Nate Aguila
Nate Aguila

VP | Creative Director

Jesus Moreno
Jesus Moreno

Blockchain Development Lead

Monarch Support

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