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About CryptoView

CryptoView is a trading and portfolio management platform with multi-exchange support.

Who is it for

For crypto traders who deal with more than one exchange account.

Our advanced interface offers an all-in-one solution for crypto enthusiasts, professional fund managers, and everyone in between.

Why should I use it

In a matter of seconds, a trader can switch between exchanges and pairs while staying on the same browser tab.

Track and manage your portfolio on all major exchanges from one secure account.

Platform Overview

CryptoView is a trading and portfolio management platform with multi-exchange support. It is an all-in-one integrated interface that combines portfolio management, trading, market data, news, calendar and other useful trading tools, under one secured account. Through the use of API connections, users can trade and synchronize data from exchanges and wallets with their CryptoView portfolio. Users can manage separate portfolios that are connected to different crypto exchanges and wallets. Other key features include multi-charting, advanced trading orders, portfolio sharing, financial reports, and various performance indicators.

CryptoView Features & Specs

Multi-exchange support

With the help of API connections, you can synchronize your exchanges and wallets data while managing trade orders on multiple exchanges from a single secured account.

Trading and balance history is automatically imported and updated, allowing you to review previous trades and track balances across all connected exchanges.

Portfolio Balance

Your portfolio balance aggregates balance data from all connected exchanges and wallets. We also support sub-accounts such as: Margin, Lending, Swap, etc. In addition, you can add and manage manual balance entries, to represent offline wallets or cold storage.

Multi-portfolio manager

Manage multiple portfolios and share them with colleagues and clients. Each portfolio provides a detailed list of crypto assets and various performance indicators. You can edit past statistical data and manually input balance entries in each portfolio. You can also receive automated portfolio reports by email.

Multi-charting interface

Fully customizable multi-charting interface with real-time market data from all major crypto exchanges.

You can simultaneously monitor the prices of different currencies and use more than 75 technical indicators and drawing tools.

Smart Trading panel

Our smart trading panel combines flexible field calculations, order depth indicators, and other smart features to help you place your orders with ease.

Advanced trade orders

โ€œStopโ€ and โ€œStop-Limitโ€ are advanced order types that help you protect your capital from higher losses when the price suddenly falls.

Secondary features:

Charts by TradingView with 85 technical indicators and 75 drawing tools

TradingView charts are intuitive for beginners and powerful for advanced traders. With a wide range of technical indicators. TradingView charts is probably the most sophisticated HTML5 charting tool out there. With more than 75 intelligent drawing tools and indicators, TradingView is the perfect tool for technical analysis.


You can manage multiple monitor setups and quickly switch between different screen configurations. Each screen saves your preferred grid and trading pairs configuration.

Multi-screen setup for easy switching between screen and trading pairs configurations is also supported

Market Data Overview

Keep an eye on the performance of different currencies with our integrated real-time market data. You can monitor and compare prices of currencies across all major crypto exchanges.

News Aggregator

Our news feed aggregates articles from all major media portals. You can customize your feed by selecting multiple news sources.

Events Calendar

Keep track of upcoming events in the crypto community with our integrated calendar. Data reliability is determined by evidence-based voting.

Sub-account Balances

Along with the regular exchange balance, our system also supports all exchange sub-accounts such as: Margin, Lending, Swap, Futures etc.

Shareable Portfolios

Share your portfolios with clients and investors so they can keep track of all portfolio performance indicators, with read-only access.

Alerts & Notifications

Our advanced alerts management system allows you to set โ€œfixed priceโ€ or โ€œpercentage changeโ€ triggers with in-browser, email and SMS notifications.

Order Depth Indicator

The fill indicator shows whether an order will be fully or partly filled, prior to the execution of that order. This function helps you avoid chasing the price movement.

Is it safe:

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Cloud architecture
  • SSL Encrypted connection
  • Strong API key encryption
  • DoS protection
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Secured API connections
  • Account freeze protection

CryptoView does not store usersโ€™ funds.

CryptoView Support

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