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About Trality

Trality offers profitable algorithmic investment solutions to everyone. From seasoned investors and complete beginners to everyone in between, Trality’s AI-based bots consistently outperform both manual trading and anonymous black-box alternatives offered by other trading platforms.

By bringing together the world’s best Python programmers with the most innovative developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Trality has positioned itself at the forefront of automated retail investing, offering a complete array of profitable bots regardless of the market (bear, bull, sideways).

Trality Algorithmic Trading Bots—never mass-produced, but crafted by hand with skill and expertise for everyone.

Trality Features & Specs

Trality’s Marketplace—a unique space bringing together crypto bot creators and investors for mutually beneficial purposes. Investors can rent profitable bots tailored to various risk tolerances, while creators can monetize their bots and earn passive income.

Trality’s Code Editor—the world’s first browser-based Python code bot editor. It is designed for experienced traders who want to develop sophisticated trading algorithms using the latest technology.

Trality Margin Trading—develop profitable market-neutral strategies by trading bots long or short with borrowed funds, low interest rates, and multiple times leverage.

Trality’s Optimizer— a proprietary Optimizer that allows traders to automate the parameter optimization process in order to achieve the highest PnL.

Trality’s Wallet—a Binance-backed trading wallet in which users can create, fund, and start automatically trading over 350 cryptocurrencies using trading bots.

Trality’s Rule Builder—a simple yet powerful rule-based bot creation editor, enabling traders to build and automate algorithmic trading bots by dragging and dropping technical indicators based on boolean logic.

Trality Team

Moritz Putzhammer
Moritz Putzhammer

Co-Founder & CEO

Christopher Helf
Christopher Helf

Co-Founder & CTO

Dominik De Zordo
Dominik De Zordo

Head of DevOps

Mark Best
Mark Best

Head of Creator Experience and Tooling

Trality Support

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