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About Coygo

Coygo is a secure downloadable desktop application that provides a single powerful interface to track and manage all of your cryptocurrency exchange accounts and stay a step ahead of the competition. View real-time insights, track your portfolio, submit trades, transfer between wallets, scan arbitrage spreads, and more for every supported exchange. Your exchange account credentials (API keys) are only stored encrypted on your hard drive, Coygo’s servers NEVER have access to your accounts or funds.

Coygo Features & Specs

  • Available on Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Exchange account API keys are optional, all data tools are available without API keys.
  • Exchange account API keys NEVER leave your machine, they are only stored encrypted on your hard drive. Coygo’s servers never have access to your accounts.
  • Monitor and submit trades to markets on multiple exchanges simultaneously.
  • Real-time insights including order book superiority and configurable depth charts.
  • Real-time trade analysis to find trends and spot whales.
  • Real-time arbitrage scanning across exchanges.
  • Real-time candlestick charts with indicators.
  • Asset screener to compose powerful custom search filters of coins and tokens.
  • Track your portfolio across all connected exchanges, view wallet balances in USD, BTC or ETH.
  • Transfer between wallets with a simple but powerful interface, never deal with manually entering wallet addresses again.
  • View aggregated trade and transfer history across all connected exchanges.
  • Pre-order calcs to analyze order book data and determine a potential orders true cost before submitting.

Coygo Team

  • Parent Company Coygo, Inc.
  • Team Location San Diego, CA, U.S.
Evan Francis
Evan Francis

CEO & Co-founder

Dorian Kersch
Dorian Kersch

CIO & Co-founder

Coygo Support

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