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About Apsis Online

Apsis Online is a blockchain-based procedurally generated universe. It is a minimalist multi-user roguelike (MUR) presented as a series of both multiplayer and single-player “sequences”. Set in a dark scienceยญ-fiction universe, you play the role of a voyager. A human, mentally and physically augmented for a new life in deep space. Your mission is to carve out a place for humanity among the stars. A largely hostile environment. Build outposts with resources found at the farthest reaches of the frontier itself. Survive, create new economies from scratch, capitalize and recruit others to join you.

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Apsis Online Features & Specs

@Space (pronounced RogueSpace) is a simple take on social networking. Built for speed and security by geeks for geeks who have a love for the command-line. Rendered in a sharp multi-colored ASCII style for the purist in all of us. Join the conversation!

  • Post, comment or subscribe to things you find most interesting.
  • Create a page. Invite others, share privately or with the world.
  • Toggle in and out of play sessions with ease, create or join a Frontier Company, employ others and build an empire!
  • Keep up with current events via an automated news feed.
  • No email required to register.

This service does not store sensitive user data or any information about your machine or location.

Note: @Space serves as Steam itself does. Allowing users to switch to and from game sessions from a built-in message board. They can also create new boards, topics, comments etc.

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